Now if I can find my new year’s resolution? They’re currently piled up along with coupons, checkbook, ads, magazines on top of kitchen table that’s now known as Misty’s office!

Task for this week is to clean that up, and get it into right places and filed away. I need to set up a better file organizing system for everything so it doesn’t get mixed into one same pile, in the REAL office which is just 10 steps further away and in open view!ย 

Most importantly, find that darn new year’s resolution that I created earlier this year!

In the meantime, it’s time for me to call it a night, and get some rest. Shake off the cold symptoms that I’m having. Ugh. Yes, Papa you were right. I should have worn my jacket the entire time I was outside with you & rest of the family yesterday celebrating Easter’s.

Good night,ย M


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  1. Missy thank for sharing. You’re great author. Keep it up. Never know be successful make book to write. Trust me you can do it try it.

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