My life


I am 40 year old male I am allowed to share my house with my lovely bride to be Misty, 3 boy, ages 15, 12, and soon to be 3, along with that we have 5 cats 2 dogs and 2 fish which by the way all live better than me. 🙂 Let me set the chaotic scene if you haven’t grasped it yet. Teenager, pre-teen, and to hell with terrible twos the thwarting threes are much worse and I should also mention every 28 days or so we have some intense household negotiations when the brides “friend” arrives!

Last June Misty was the State Director of the Miss Deaf Minnesota pageant. This is a volunteer position and any man out there reading this knows… If your bride is a volunteer… so are you! So the day of the big event we woke up as usual, feed the kids, the dogs, the cats and the fish, kennel the dogs and off we go. Here  was the plan I would finish up the set, run home get cleaned up, let the dogs out and return to the event. I have high expectations and figured this set would only take a couple of hours… I was wrong! Nothing but troubles from the start and several runs to Home Depot. It is now 3:15 in the afternoon and I finally finished. The event starts at 5:00 I run home which is about 25 minutes away from the event let the dogs out, get cleaned up and dressed, I look at the clock and it is now 4:33. I figure I need to get back to the event and the dogs will be fine. I made it back in time much to my delight. I shut my phone off and enjoy my time. The pageant lasted about 4 hours as it finished I turned my phone on and this thing goes haywire!!! I have 14 missed calls from my brother. I immediately call him to see what is wrong. He answers the phone and says. “Dude I think your house was broken into, I called the cops and there are 8 squad cars and cops surrounding your house” I flipped my lid! I asked him to be sure what was going on and let me know. I had to round up Misty and the youngest and get home. We arrived home at 11:00 that evening to find this.  ImageImage

The  big dummy ate my freaking couch!!!!!  Just to be clear… Yes, Java the dog that did this is still with us!  I hope you enjoyed my pain, this is my life 🙂   -J


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