Cookie Adventure


So since I spoke yesterday about Java one of the dogs in the house I thought I would share a story about the other dog and her name is Cookie. Misty and I bought a house 3 years ago and to say the absolute least it was a “fixer upper” The house was stripped of all copper, furnace and condenser were taken, the kitchen was completely gutted and that’s just a few things. Anyway, about 6 months ago we began to work on the family room, we painted, built some shelving, and replaced the trim. In order to do the trim I needed to use my air compressor and nail gun. About half way through the job I take a quick break to let the dogs outside. I call for the dogs and Java comes right away and outside he goes. I call for Cookie and she does not come… I call again… Cookie… COOKIE what the hell? I close the door and begin to look for her to see what is going on. I walk into the kitchen and see this…Image

I had many emotions about this. I was sad because I owned possible the worlds saddest dog! I was laughing at the simple fact that it was hilarious. I felt a bit bad cause you look at the picture and she is seriously frightened. “Of all the places in this house to hide Cookie you chose a cupboard?!” Now in my house if someone passes gas Cookie has a minor stroke and runs! Ahhhhh… you gotta love it!!! -J


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