Thoughts on Today.


I wanted to share about couple of thoughts I had today.

As you know about the news I found out yesterday about my dear Uncle. I was trying to decide about whether we should go visit him at the hospital, or not. Initially, I did decide that we would not go visit him because I wanted to give him the space, and allow him spend time with immediate family members. I couldn’t quite pinpoint what I needed to do or decide. I talked with my future sister-in-law, Lauren, this morning and it came to me, that I SHOULD text and ASK my Uncle, what HE WANTS. So, I sent him a text, and asking him, as well as letting him know that I would understand and respect whatever decision he makes, if he would like for us to come down and visit him. Few hours later, he sent a reply and said “I would love to see you and JJ,” and I replied back “it’s a date!” I’m feeling at peace with this decision, and am looking


forward to spending time with him this weekend! So, Kansas City, Missouri- here we come on Saturday! 🙂 Moral of this story, is to make sure that we don’t assume what the person wants, and we should always ASK what the person wants. Awesome. I’m glad I realized that today before it’s too late, so I will be able to see him one more time! Can’t wait!

On another lighter note about today-  I’m always working hard and that sometimes I forget to have some fun! Today we went, and as we walked towards Nickelodeon Universe, Jaiden stopped there and said “YES!” 🙂 I knew right away, that we would have so much fun. Off we went, riding on rides together and ending with a ride by himself at Blue’s Skidoo! It was such a fun afternoon, and we stopped by at Dairy Queen on our way home to get a chocolate ice cream cone. Jaiden wanted it all, and wouldn’t share with me. I managed to sneak in and stole the ice cream, twice, and had some bites before giving it back to him. Yum. Yes, I should have gotten two, one for him, and one for me. Next time! 🙂

And of course, upon arriving home, Jaiden decides to play a little prank on mommy! He goes running right for the water and hose, turns it on, and start spraying at mommy. The only way to turn it off is to run towards him, yes, I got little wet in the small water fight we had! 😉 I guess somehow, he thought I deserved this after treating him to a fun day today! 😉


Be sure to find some time in your busy lives to have some fun, celebrate life, for tomorrow is not promised to us. Image


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