An “are you fn kidding me” moment. :)


I was on the job site today and was beginning my walk through of a soon to be construction zone when I over heard 2 young woman talking about the Titanic. I was proceeding with my duties and began to walk by their reception area when I over heard one of the girls say “can you imagine if that was real.” eeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrtttt!!!!! That is the sound of the rubber melting off of my shoes from stopping so fast!!! I had to hear this! The conversation continued about how unbelievable it would have been if such an event would have occurred, and that they were confused why the movie was coming back out again after so many years. At that point my head is really beginning to throb, however I see out of the corner of my eye salvation in a young man listening as well and beginning to approach them. He comes to the desk leans in and tells the young ladies that the reason the movie is being released in theaters again is because of the 100 year anniversary. Without missing a beat one lady says “Is that movie really that old?” OMFG I am screaming in my head!!! The young man begins to explain that the movie is only 15 years old and the actual event happened 100 years ago. The voice of reason, or so I thought. If he had stopped there I would have walked away. But nope, he proceeded to tell the ladies that the entire sinking of the ship was a hoax set up by the U.S. government at the time to ensure steel sales and ship building to the United States and all missing people were spread out through out the U.S. and given land and money to go along with the story. WTF did I just hear??? I was very tempted to ask him his feelings on the Moon landing or JFK assassination but at this point it was like someone pushing ice picks into my ears and I just couldn’t further the pain. The worst part was the two ladies were very much taken by the story, I shook my head and walked away. We have the utterly stupid leading the utterly clueless now. I sooooo weep for the future!!! Remember: Friends don’t let friends raise dumb asses! 🙂 -J


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