New Year’s Resolution 2012


I didn’t really want to share my new year’s resolution, and I’m not doing a GREAT job following through, so perhaps, now if I share, our readers can help keep me accountable?! 🙂 Here we go.

I wrote down details of breakout for my new year’s resolution for the following categories: Financial, School, Leisure Reading, Personal Cares, Listen & Learn, Family Life, Challenges, Love, Home and Pets.


* Pay off total 6 debts this year (only left will be Student Loan & Mortgage, which will take awhile!!). 3 out of 6 have been paid off this year! YES. We’re on good track for this one!

* Start saving money for down payment towards our next lease vehicle (mine is set to expire March 2013), and our future wedding (hopefully in 2013)! Yes, I’m still waiting for that darn ring! 🙂 (NEXT YEAR’S Resolution will include saving money for getting Joe a new truck! :))


* Spring: Complete incomplete classes, and sign up for summer classes, work on creating seminar proposal/ideas. So far, not on good track, HELP!!

* Summer: Take classes, sign up for fall classes and re-apply for FAFSA.

* Fall: Take classes & apply for Master of Nursing School at the U, and check into other colleges for Fall 2013. Sign up for Spring classes.


* Read at least 3 magazines monthly: Jan (3/3), Feb (2/3), March (1/3), April (0/3) YIKES. My magazine is quickly piling up. I need to get caught up, and keep up so it doesn’t clutter up in the magazine rack. Magazines that I subscribe to are– Parents, Real Simple, Family Circle, All You (COUPONS COUPONS!).

* Read at least 2 books this year. Completed a book this past Jan: Heaven is For Real. BEAUTIFUL story, amazing story. It helped me grieve and cope with the loss of our unborn child this past December. One book left to go. Any ideas for a good book for me to read??


* Paint my nail at least once a month. (Jan-1, Feb-0, March-0, April-1)

* Go out on coffee/lunch/play dates with girlfriends at least once a month (Jan-2, Feb-1, March-2, April-0) Zenon on Friday, April 20th will count as one! Mommy/Sister time together, and hopefully see some friends there!? 🙂

* Get haircut at least 3 times this year!! Trim only though, I want to grow my hair out, including my bangs (but I’m now tempted to have bangs again. Ugh). So far, no haircut this year yet. I was thinking about doing that this weekend, but it will not happen now due to unexpected trip to Missouri to visit with Uncle Robert and family. We’ll see, maybe Joe’ll let me off the hook on Sunday, and go get haircut!? 🙂 Bangs, or not… that’s the question! 🙂

* Weight: be at 130lb, eat better, less limit junk food, at least 10 times/month FAILING BIG TIME, however, I’m still losing weight– at 135 right now. 🙂 Yes! 🙂

* Take a solo bath/shower at least once a week; shower at least 2-3 times a week! Seriously, for those who are stay at home mom, will completely get me on this. It’s quite challenging to even get a shower by yourself!! I often end up taking bath/shower with Jaiden, same time, saves time and water! 🙂 I’d like some privacy too every now and then though. 🙂 So far, doing pretty good showering twice a week, and taking a solo bath weekly! 🙂 Thank you babe! 🙂


* Learn what people I know like, make sure I give gifts that they like- for example, which coffee shop they like (Caribou/Starbucks– CARIBOU for me, all the way!!), what music they like, etc– and make list what they like, so I can remember. 🙂 I don’t remember details very well!! especially if I don’t use it daily or often. I still need to work on this!!

* Ask boys everyday how their day was, try to build better relationship with them, and listen to them better. I think that boys and I have a much better relationship this year, thanks to our amazing trip up north, and we’ve become closer as a family!


* Teach new signs daily- create a “jar” where anyone can drop a small note with a word that they would like to learn. FAILING BIG TIME. We’re all learning new signs here and there, just not daily and not committed to it– now, where’s that darn jar I can use, and create it as “drop” in notes.) HELP?? 🙂

* Plan once a month fun family activities together as a family. Especially with boys going to their mom’s every other weekends, so that leaves us at least one weekend out of two weekends together for a fun time together. Jan: TRIP/Adventure Zone in Duluth, Feb: Mall shopping for Gavin’s birthday, and Mason’s birthday two weeks later (even though his birthday is actually in March, but he would be with his mom’s so we grabbed that early) and enjoyed dinner at Buca de Bepo, which was a HUGE hit with the boys! 🙂 March: Water Park of America!!!!  and we also all worked outside together in the backyard- hey, that’s family time. :)) April: Easter’s at my brother’s/Future SIL home. And we’re looking forward to celebrating Jaiden’s 3rd birthday next weekend! 🙂 We’re good on track here. 🙂 Here’s to good times, and creating lifelong memories together as family! 🙂

* Plan weekly movie date night at home: Fridays & Sundays are usually days we rent RedBox movies.

* Plan weekly game night at home: What’s that?? Ha, we haven’t done that– only did that while we were up north. Yes, we need to put that on our schedule, and actually do it- play games. Mason LOVES playing UNO card games, actually, he enjoys playing ALL kinds of games. 🙂 Just had an idea, I’ll make sure Mason is in charge for this, so we can actually accomplish this goal! 🙂

* Plan weekly Menu; TRY one new recipe weekly. Check what the boys would like included on the Menu. We only had one weekly menu created, and it was so fun. We actually tried two new recipes and it turned out very good! 🙂 Last Easter’s, we tried new recipes: Jello Yogurt Bites and Potato Salad. YUMMMM!!!! 🙂 Okay, yes, I need to work on that, and do better.

* NO TV during dinner time; all boys home and eating together as family. Not going so well. Joe likes watching TV, and unwind while we eat dinner. Gavin usually hangs out with friends. I honestly would prefer that he is home, sitting at the table with us, and grabbing time. Maybe that’s something we, as a family, need to revisit this and enforce it, or make some changes.

* Church on Sundays- find a church, or interpreter and try out a new church: Hosanna! We learned couple weeks ago that they were able to get volunteer interpreter and will be starting that very soon. Very excited about that! 🙂

* Set up Family Calendar– in the kitchen, and use it monthly, and update with events/appointments, etc. Going VERY well! 🙂 We all LOVE it. I also have my own calendar that I keep for work/school/personal related too. 🙂 I’m not technology savvy, and not ready to use electronic calendar yet.


* Find a new thing to try/do, together with Joe (for example, Hot Air Balloon, we did that last year– FUN TIMES!!!)

* Try out new restaurant at least 3 times this year. * Buca de Bepo, completed! Does the one up north- Sammy’s Pizza count during our vacation?? 🙂

* Pray at least twice a day! I definitely had a hard time praying more than once a day (usually at nights), and now I’m praying more often, sometimes more than 2 times. Yippee.

* Post Blog at least once a month- I posted blog this past Jan, at my old blogging site. I had no interest in keeping up that site– so Feb/March, none. And here, this new blogging site was born! This is even more fun doing it with my love of my life! 🙂 Here we are, blogging daily this week! 🙂


* Go out on dates at least once a month, twice- the better! Errrgh, not going so well. 🙂 When we are finally childless, we focus our time on house projects and getting things completed. 🙂 Joe also happens to think that every date cost money… 🙂 Me, on the thrifty side, suggested a picnic at the park, go sit at the river and watch the river flow, and just holding hands… now, say, awww… 😉 Maybe somehow we can compromise and come in the middle, every other month we’ll do thrifty dates and then other months enjoy something that cost money. 🙂

* Be thankful EVERYDAY for what he does!! 🙂 He’s amazing, and he deserve every THANK YOU I tell him everyday. I only hope that he really does listen, and know that I’m thanking him everyday!! 🙂

* Go to movie theater!!! In our 5+ year together, we have yet go to a movie theater! Any good movies we should go see together? I need to keep checking the site for when they have open captions, see the captions on the screen itself. Soon, soon, I hope. 🙂 Maybe the next Twilight series! 😀


* Organize Upstairs Closet

* Organize Kitchen Cabinet, under the sink.

* Organize Dog/Cat Cabinet

* Add another Alarm box in our house, plus plus– cannot disclosure here for security reason.

* Basement organized: pantry, desk, closet, office (currently office/desk is upstairs, we’d like to move it downstairs and add another bedroom).

* Play room: build/put up shelves and bench, add paint in the “boxes”, add chalk paint with frame.

* House trim all painted white (3 rooms so far completed)

* Add Tiles in Living room by patio door.

* Change office into bedroom

* Build Deck in the backyard

* Improve landscaping, and add pond? Fire pit in ground?

* Organize Garage (completed, but it’s a mess already. 🙂 We need organization system set up in place!!


* Get Java haircut (completed!!!) and brush once/week (not so well…. )

* Dogs bath once a month. So far…. it hasn’t happened this year, Java did have his when he got his haircut. Oops. Bath time for the dogs will be in the NEAR future… next week, before family comes up! 🙂

* Get Cats tower; create scratching posts!!

* Java trained? Train as Hearing Dog? I’d love to have Java go everywhere with me. 🙂 He’s simply an amazing dog, yes, regardless to the incident he had chewing up our couches! 😀

So, yes, MANY goals to accomplish this year, and it’s been a busy year so far. I’m always looking for ways to improve our lives, individually and family. When you work on it, it becomes habit, and then it becomes your lifestyle.



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  1. Um wow are you ambitious! This is a HUGE list for resolutions, way to go on all that you’ve accomplished so far! Very exciting to see what your family is up to…and congratulations on your engagement!

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