Safety and Security


As stated before I run a Facilities department and to not embarrass any one I will never use names. About 3 years ago I decided we would start our version of “Top Ten” dumbest request list, currently we have about 80. 🙂 About 5 months ago I received an email from a coworker who was upset at the fact that the toaster in the cafeteria was not working. The email read ” Joe, I came in this morning and as my routine goes I tried to toast my morning bagel and the toaster failed to work. I pushed the button several times and very hard and it still would not work!!! Do you think it is to much to ask that we have functioning appliances here.” I did not appreciate the tone however my job is to ensure all is operational, and safe so I checked it out and below is what I found.Image

After my laugh riot this was my email reply to all staff.


In-light of recent events I want to be clear on one thing. If we need black pens we need to purchase them. Toasting red pen and attempting to turn them black is not a good way to be fiscally responsible. We can find better ways to save money. If I misunderstood my findings from a recent work order I received to repair the toaster, I apologize and you may reference the picture I attached.  After further consideration maybe the toaster was used as a storage space for our office needs? PLEASE FROM THIS POINT FORWARD DO NOT STICK ANYTHING BUT BREAD IN THE TOASTERS!



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