JJ found the laundry chute!


Soooooooo JJ has this thing where he knows his Mother is Deaf and takes advantage of the situation. Today he told Mommy he needed to go potty so as a big boy he goes up to the upper level bathroom and does his thing. I received the picture below today from Misty to see just what his thing was. The subject said “Oh he is in time out”! I laughed for about 20 min straight (that is how long it took me to drive home to ensure the safety of all) Image

Misty was (to say the least) Pissed!!! I am sorry but this was just funny!!! I can see him in my minds eye finding different items to throw down the chute. I was not kidding when I said “this is my life” I see myself kinda like a planet. Yep, I have a gravitational pull and if you sling shit in my vicinity eventually it will slam into me. 🙂 The good thing is my laundry room is now minty fresh!!!! -J


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