Even in sorrow we will find levity!


It was the spring of 1995 and my family had just lost one member. I was 24 and my 27 year old brother Mark had passed away in his sleep. Mark was a big man, His height was 5’8″ but Mark weighed about 350 pounds. Mark was a good, old soul with a heart to match. I come from a family with 5 boys and 4 girls 9 years before this we had lost our brother Tim in a motor vehicle accident so the Men in the family began to feel a bit cursed. Anyway, during Marks wake we were listening to the eulogy given by our priest. I was sitting in the front row, 2 seats to my right was my brother Mike and in between us was our 5 year old nephew. As the Priest was speaking about Mark and his life the urn with Marks ashes was sitting to the Priests right. We all had our heads bowed as we were beginning to shed tears when my nephew leans over to my brother Mike and ask’s “Uncle Mike, how did they fit uncle Mark into that little box?” With tears in our eyes we began to laugh and laugh hard! People began to think we were loosing it as they were rubbing our shoulders and consoling us. Later that evening we shared our story and to this day it bring one more smile to our faces that Mark provided. -J


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