Bad Daddy Moment


There are several however this one was pretty bad. It was January 1999 my oldest son who was almost 2 at the time had been put down for a nap and I was enjoying the NFC championship game. For those of you who do not remember the Vikings had an incredible team Randall Cunningham, Randy Moss, Chris Carter, Robert Smith, Jake Reed, and Gary Anderson did not miss a field goal all season and that is just a few names. We were a Lock! Finally I get to see the Vikes win a Super Bowl. Well all you Packer fans know that didn’t happen and BTW all you packer fans can kiss my ass! 😉 Anyhow, we were playing the Atlanta Falcons at home, it was tied up 17-17 there was about 90 seconds left in the game and the Falcons had just punted the ball to us. One of the most prolific offences in NFL history was taking the field, they huddle… they break the huddle and come to the line… Cunningham barks out the cadence… and takes a knee?!?! All my emotions boiled over! I jump to my feet and yell “NOOOO YOU STUPID FUCKING COCK SUCKERS”! within a second I hear a tiny voice come from my sons room “fucking cock sucker” OMG I am the worlds worst Dad! I just taught my son what exactly not to do and say. After about 30 minutes of trying to change the subject, cartoons, toys, and anything else I could think of he stopped saying it. If you are a Vikings fan, you understand and have already forgiven me. If you are a Packer fan… Kiss my ass. 😉 -J


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