Uncle Robert’s Funeral Decisions


Yesterday evening, we found out that my Uncle’s funeral would be in Liking, Missouri. That’s about 4 hours more of drive (not to mention stopping for eating/bathroom/gas breaks) one way than last Saturday (6 1/2 hour total last Saturday). Which means, that’s additional 8 hours of drive plus stops- which just seems a bit challenging- with a toddler.

Don’t get us wrong, Jaiden did a great job of putting up with such a long drive  last Saturday. Towards the end of the trip, he did become very crabby and wanted things his way. He would not reason with me at all- he wanted to HOLD his TV (DVD Player) that was strapped on the headrest of the passenger seat. Earlier, he did, and he broke it! Lucky, I’m have a knack of fixing things when need to be, I got it to work again, even after his Uncle tried to fix it! 😉 Yay. So, I told him he could not hold it anymore and that it’s staying on there from now and on (only for trips). The crabbiness lasted for about an hour, and the secret was Joe’s MOUNTAIN DEW! 🙂 He was a happy kid afterwards, didn’t have much left in there so Joe gave it to him to finish it off. Not the way I would have wanted it to be, however, it did the trick and he was calm for the rest of the trip home. 🙂  

Not only that, but that’s additional cost of gas, food, plus we would have to stay overnight at the hotel- it’s 10 1/2 hour drive, no way we could do it in one day like we did last weekend. After some serious thoughts, and discussion with Joe, we decided not to go to the funeral. It hurts me, but I know that if my Uncle was alive, he would just say that he’s grateful that we came down to see him last week, and not to worry about coming to his funeral. That’s just the type of guy he is, very laid back and “cool.” With that, I must make peace with that, and use our funds towards paying off our debts, instead of getting ourselves in more debt.

Also, with that being said, eventually I would like for us to purchase a water fountain, in memory of our loved ones: Baby C, Uncle Robert, Aunt Kathy, Joe’s brother Mark, Joe’s father, Joe’s other father- Ron, and so forth for those people that we have lost in our lives. That will be our summer project- including that to our landscaping. 

I’m definitely grateful that we had the opportunity to see Uncle Robert last week. Yet, I’m worried that I would be judged by others because of this decision we made. I should not worry about that, and just focus on myself, and our family. I’m the type of the person that does worry about what others think of me, and that is something I need to work on myself, not to worry about what others think of me/us. 

We will be keeping everyone in our thoughts and prayers the next several days as they lay Uncle Robert to his final resting place on Saturday afternoon. We love you all! ❤ -M 


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