Monthly Archives: May 2012

Dumb and Dumber


Sorry I have been MIA for about 10 days it has been crazy at work. 

We bought the current house we live in just over 3 years ago, and as I have talked about before this house needed A LOT of work. So as we are putting the final touches on the kitchen Misty and myself go to Home Depot to select our kitchen lighting. (I drove, Misty selected) We get the lighting home and I get to work installing the fixtures, I finish the install turn the lights on and realize we bought 2 different colored light fixtures. The fixtures themselves were the same but the globes were different. One was a yellow gold and the other had a pink hue to it. Frustrated to say the least we decided to return the “pink” light the next morning. The next morning we return the fixture, get the new one home and install to notice the same damn thing. Its PINK! At this point I am cursing Home Depot for not labeling their product correctly. I return the fixture again with a few choice word for the electrical department. The sales person promises me it is correct this time. I take the new light and install and not kidding the damn thing is pink! WTF?!?! Misty and I begin to dialog about this, giving up and just getting both new fixtures and it hits us… We may be using two different type and hue of light bulbs. I change the bulbs and sure as shit both fixture are yellow gold like we wanted. DUH!!! We laughed about it however doing what I do for a living I felt like a complete dumb ass! I work with the people at Home Depot a lot and had to do the right thing. The next day I returned to Home Depot and told the sales rep the whole story and blamed Misty for the entire thing!!! J