About Us:

We are a live and let live couple with a firm grasp on reality, and that fact that the reality sucks sometimes. Nevertheless, we make the best with what each day puts in front of us. Each day is a gift and not a given right.

Our main focus in life is our children and trying to raise smart well-adjusted boys. Not Easy! There is a 10 year (plus a month & 11 days to be exact) difference in our ages, Joe being the elder and Misty is definitely the more mature one. In reality, Misty is actually trying to raise 4 boys. Yes, really.

In a world where opposites attract, Misty and Joe didn’t attract, they slammed right into each other! She is the firm, straight forward, harsh (when needed) type. Joe is the absent-minded professor! Joe  justify this behavior by working very hard and being an adult between 9-5. Out of the two of them, the boys know to go to their dad when trying to get what they want. Joe is an amazing & loving father who enjoys spending time with kids when he is not at work. Misty is a wonderful woman and mother to their 3 boys, and many animals. Misty is the glue that holds this house together. Yes, that means Misty wears the pants in their house. Misty is a stay at home Mom (not a job that Joe could do), and working part-time with an interpreting agency as Deaf Community Relation Consultant & Joe runs a Facilities department for a local non-profit in Minnesota.

Missing our little Angel Baby.  ^Baby C^ 12/20/11


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