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Long Overdue.


Wow. May 1st as our last entry. It’s definitely LONG overdue. Joe and I enjoyed thoroughly writing in our blog, and I know that is something we need to continue doing, and do it again more regularly. 

Shortly after the last blog, we became pregnant again– we found out on May 21st on a pregnant test that it was positive. Yes!! We were both excited, and thrilled. Not much longer after that– I became very sick, and was nauseous 24-7, basically. I had little to no energy to get through the day, everyday. All I wanted to do was lay down and sleep, and I couldn’t. I had to take care of Jaiden, and the pets. Otherwise, everything was in absolute neglect shape- I was in no condition to clean up the house. This nauseous thing lasted for good 10 weeks!!!! I was so ready to be done being pregnant, and am thankful this baby is our last child. Yet, at the same time, I tried my hardest to enjoy my pregnant knowing it’s our last, and be grateful for another blessing that God is sending into our lives.

I’m happy to say that my nauseousness has improved, my energy is coming back, and the house is in a better shape than it was a month ago. We still have a lot of work ahead of us, in getting ready to welcome baby into our lives. That will be another blog about what project we have completed up to date, and what projects needs to be completed in the next few months. 

We’re very excited to see the transformation in our home for our growing family. 

Much Love. 



Dumb and Dumber


Sorry I have been MIA for about 10 days it has been crazy at work. 

We bought the current house we live in just over 3 years ago, and as I have talked about before this house needed A LOT of work. So as we are putting the final touches on the kitchen Misty and myself go to Home Depot to select our kitchen lighting. (I drove, Misty selected) We get the lighting home and I get to work installing the fixtures, I finish the install turn the lights on and realize we bought 2 different colored light fixtures. The fixtures themselves were the same but the globes were different. One was a yellow gold and the other had a pink hue to it. Frustrated to say the least we decided to return the “pink” light the next morning. The next morning we return the fixture, get the new one home and install to notice the same damn thing. Its PINK! At this point I am cursing Home Depot for not labeling their product correctly. I return the fixture again with a few choice word for the electrical department. The sales person promises me it is correct this time. I take the new light and install and not kidding the damn thing is pink! WTF?!?! Misty and I begin to dialog about this, giving up and just getting both new fixtures and it hits us… We may be using two different type and hue of light bulbs. I change the bulbs and sure as shit both fixture are yellow gold like we wanted. DUH!!! We laughed about it however doing what I do for a living I felt like a complete dumb ass! I work with the people at Home Depot a lot and had to do the right thing. The next day I returned to Home Depot and told the sales rep the whole story and blamed Misty for the entire thing!!! J


Life Lesson: Honesty.


Last Saturday, Jaiden and I went to Minnesota Zoo with our dear friends Melissa & Miss Abby. It was a fun day!

Jaiden’s favorite thing since seeing Dolphin Tale movie, is going to see the dolphins and watch the show! 🙂 Newest fasscination is the OTTER, watching them play in the water, and going swimming, and spinning! 🙂 So much like his personality, and it matches who he is! 🙂 He LOVES the water, he enjoys swimming and he loves to spin all the time! 🙂


That day was a valuable lesson for both of us, as a parent and as a child, in our own perspectives. We saw the bears walking around, and one sneaked away– we walked around and found the bear eating fish. Jaiden was a bit baffled, and was watching the bear eating the fish. He looked back to me, like what’s going on? What is the bear eating? Remember, we had just bury our Fish Blue couple days before, so he knows and understands somewhat that our fish died. I explained to him that the bear is hungry, and is eating the fish. He just stood there, and watched the entire time, leaving the little of the fish part and walked away.

Jaiden recently had his 3 year old check up, and I explained to his doctor about how I explained to Jaiden that Fish Blue died, instead of covering up by saying “sleeping,” she said that it is good thing! Many people try to cover up and not being honest, the child senses that, and the child can lose trust in you instantly. Last thing we want in our child(ren) is to not trust their own parents! If people use that as a cover up, saying the person/animal is “sleeping” when they are actually dead, is not good because it may create fear of sleeping in the child. Always be honest whenever possible, and explain clearly so the child understands. Be honest to your child, always. -M Image

My CLEAN “Office!”


Ah, yes, I did tackle that project last week- here and there, and I’m happy to show picture- it’s still clean and organized! 😀 

Coupon organizing is what took most of my time. I spent total about 8 hours alone just to go through a month worth of coupons!! Not only that inserting in the binder, I also had to remove the expired ones (except for few that I know I might use within the next 30 days at Cub Food store). Whew! I was glad to see our clean table again. It makes mealtimes much more pleasant and I can actually enjoy the cleanliness! 🙂 

ImageI just got “ALL You” Magazine today, and I need to quickly go through that, clip out coupons and insert it in the binder ASAP. Tomorrow, that project will be completed. 🙂 

Who’s interested to see how I organize my coupon binder? I need to pick up tabs, then it will be 100% completed and organized! 🙂 I couldn’t have been able to do this if I was working full-time outside of home, so staying at home mom is actually blessing, be able to have some extra time to organize coupons and help save my family money on groceries/household/personal stuff. That can be something I can blog about later this week. 🙂 In the meantime, I’m going to cuddle with my baby boy, and watch a movie before falling asleep. Good night,  -M 

New Year’s Resolution & Goals Updates!


Ah, I finally did it- I got the LONG awaited haricut and it’s the best one I have had in a long time! I used to see my friend’s sister- Annie, she did my hair for few years; and she always did a WONDERFUL job with my hair. I don’t see her anymore due to different location- moved to Lakeville, and now she lives in Wisconsin. Boo.

A friend of mine goes to Cole’s in Burnsville, and suggested that place since I wanted someone who was good with hair, to cut my hair, yet, local. I’m pretty picky with hair, even with my baby boy! So, I went to check that place out in Apple Valley. I had same person that cut my hair few times, I decided to try someone else- I wasn’t always 100% happy with my haircut, and I tried someone else last fall. She did okay job- not as wonderful. So, I didn’t remember her name.

Tonight, Joe let me off hook, and let me go by myself to get haircut (THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH my LOVE!!!!)- and walked in, and asked if they had anyone that could do haircut, like now. 🙂 They had a person available right away, she was more expensive than the next person that was available in one hour. I really did not wait, and I figured, if she was more expensive, then she must have had more experience and I wanted someone good to do my hair anyways. I’m really glad I went with my gut instinct. Sue, she just celebrated her 21st year there, did a FABLOUS job with my hair. I ended up keeping my bangs (YES, if I had cut it, I would have beat myself up for that as I’ve been trying to grow it out).

I have a long layered hair, with long bangs. It just felt not balanced, and yes, I did not like the way my hair looked. I explained to her that I wanted couple of inches trimmed throughout, including my bangs, thin out my hair as I have thick hair (and the longer the hair is, the more heavy it is, causes stress on my neck and I get headaches from that). She asked if I wanted to trim the sideways, to get my bangs length to flow with rest of the hair… GREAT IDEA! Thank you! BEAUTIFULLY done. I’m in love with my hair! It actually feels balanced, and my bangs feels like it’s growing along with my long hair. 🙂 She charged $40 for my haircut, and I paid $10 tip. She deserved every penny of it. If you are happy with your services, please make sure you tip well!

TIP: People should always tip at least 15%. If poor services, then can tip lower– 12%, however, just think, if you still gave 15%, you probably gave more than others, and that makes the person happy- domino effect, encourages the person to give others better services because of the positive attitude you had just influenced. For GREAT services, you can tip up to 18%. Tonight, I decided to tip her 25% because she was FANTASTIC- not only with haircut, as well as her positive attitude, she was very friendly, communicated with me very well, and worked with me. I felt not only that she just did her services, she also cared, and treated me just like I was another customer.

Enough about haircut. 🙂

Mason and I talked last night, and he agreed that he would be responsible for our family game nights. YES! 🙂 He choose Thursdays as our Family Game night! 🙂 Although tonight, and last night, Mason and Joe played poker and Uno. You can guess who’s the reigning Uno King…. It’s Joe! 🙂 He always beats all of us! Up north, was a different story though! 🙂 I won many times, and so did Mason. 😀 Looking forward to our Thursdays Game nights! 🙂

Last night, we watched a movie– “Sitter.” Erg. Stay away from the movie if you can. Terrible movie. We lost two hours of our life watching this movie, and we do not want you to lose any of your precious time! 🙂 The day before, we also rented a movie- The Girl with Dragon Tattoo, is a GREAT movie! Amazing. It kept me drawn to it the entire time. Highly recommend, although if you are not for nudity, then don’t watch it. We learned that they have I think 3 more parts of this movie. We can’t wait to watch next part of this movie series.

Blogging- it has been quiet the past weekend, we apologize for that. We decided that we would blog Monday through Friday, however occasionally, we might surprise you with a blog over the weekend from time to time.

Good night, -M

Happy Birthday Jaiden!


Happy birthday to our son, Jaiden. Today, he turns 3 years old! My, where did all the time go!? Couple months ago, his oldest brother- Gavin had his birthday in Feb, then Mason had his birthday in March, we told him that his birthday was coming up soon, and that he would be 3! So for good couple of months, he keeps saying “soon 3!” 🙂  

This morning Jaiden woke up, walked towards me, and I said, how old are you today, he said 3! 🙂 I said, that’s right, it’s your birthday. Happy birthday son! And we cuddled for a bit with blanket wrapped around (our morning routine during the week since I’m up and awake before he does). Sweet moment. I love those small moments that means so much! 


We baked mini-cupcakes for his birthday cake today. We’ll have a nicer one for his birthday party, which has been postponed to next month with the recent circumstances. Joe woke up, and joined us with the baking party- started baking pancakes for breakfast! Yum. 🙂 Little did Jaiden know what was our plan with the pancakes. 🙂 Joe stacked up the pancakes and put sparkles on it, as well as cherry (which he LOVES!), and added three lit candles! What a fun way to start our morning! 🙂 

Joe left to work, and then we left to Mall of America, and enjoyed a fun afternoon there together. Mommy and son time. We went on Swing & Log Chute rides for the first time, as well as other rides; but those two were the biggest rides of the day! We were able to capture such a great photo at the Log Chute. 🙂 I LOVE this picture! 🙂 I had to purchase it, no question!Image

We enjoyed a good lunch at Rainforest Cafe, we sat right next to the fishes and he was on his BEST behavior, ever (at the restaurant!)  Not even a peep come from him, and he was all in relaxing mood, sat down well and enjoyed looking around at the elephants mounted on the wall, butterfly fluttering, and fishes swimming by. Beautiful. Perfect Lunch Date! I didn’t come up with this idea until last night- I was cleaning and going through my coupon binders, and found that we had free kid meal (birthday) there, as well as $5 off $20, and both could be used! Woot! It was a GREAT deal, and we enjoyed a nice meal together. 🙂 He was getting sleepy towards the end, so we didn’t get the waitresses to come and sing him happy birthday, bummer. We left, and went back to enjoy some more rides and played with the legos as well. 🙂 

Then we came home, to get Joe, and headed to Petco. In between that, Jaiden grabbed some catnap, and woke up excited to get a new fish. RIP Blue- he passed away Wednesday, April 18th. STORY: I was cleaning and replacing the water in the fish home, and left Blue out in a cup waiting for the chemical to be dissolved. I went to sit down in the playroom for a bit, Jaiden comes and tells me that he “pour fish,” I thought he meant he pour the fish out in the sink, I’m like, oh no you did not! I ran into the kitchen, and found that fish was still in bowl, except the water was FULL of dish soap. Oh no! I then poured the fish into my hands, and quickly rinsed with lukewarm water, and put him in his home. He didn’t survive. 😦 So, next day, we gave him a proper burial, explaining that the fish died, I told him that we would get a new one tomorrow (today). Joe decided that it was his turn to name the fish, we all had our chances to name all of our animals, but him, and Jaiden agreed to it. 🙂 Our new fish’s name is Stick! So, yes, Fish Stick! LOL. I guess all of our pets are to be named as food/drink items: Cookie, Java, and now Fish Stick! Welcome to our weird family. 🙂 

We also bought some stuff to add to our fishes home too- to make it more “homey” because Brandon said that they had a pretty boring life, so I guess we need to spoil our fishes a little more. See what Joe meant, that all the animals live a better life than him! Ha ha ha. 🙂 

We ended our night with Noodles & Co for dinner- Jaiden LOVES Mac & Cheese, and keeps saying that he really likes it! 🙂 No doubt that’s true! 🙂 And also a VIDEO! 🙂 I saw somewhere in the magazine that it was a great idea to do video every year on their birthdays, and ask the same question every time. I decided not to ask the same question every time, just have him tell about his day. Fun, I can’t wait to do this again next year, in the meantime, we’ll enjoy life today! 🙂  One day at a time, for tomorrow isn’t promised. -M 

Bad Daddy Moment: Part 2.


We all have those phrases we say out of frustration 8 years ago mine was “son of a bitch” everything and anything that didn’t go the way I planned was quickly followed by “SOB”! This particular day Mason (then 4) and I were home hanging out. I was painting in the living room and he was helping. He decided he was done painting and time to go to the playroom in the basement and off he went. A little while later I began to hear him talking but knowing he was alone down stairs? A bit later I hear him again. I decide to sneak down stairs and maybe catch a moment in time… and I did! As I get to the bottom of the steps and turn the corner Mason is in the corner with his back to me and he is playing on his tool bench. “Son of a bitch”  He says… I’m thinking “Nope, he didn’t say that… again he says it! Confused, I step towards him and he hears me. He looks over his right shoulder and without missing a beat he looks at me and says “You going to help me or what”? I felt at this point that I just got my ass kicked by a 4 year old and yes I got down and helped him remove the round peg from the square hole. 🙂 -J