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New Year’s Resolution & Goals Updates!


Ah, I finally did it- I got the LONG awaited haricut and it’s the best one I have had in a long time! I used to see my friend’s sister- Annie, she did my hair for few years; and she always did a WONDERFUL job with my hair. I don’t see her anymore due to different location- moved to Lakeville, and now she lives in Wisconsin. Boo.

A friend of mine goes to Cole’s in Burnsville, and suggested that place since I wanted someone who was good with hair, to cut my hair, yet, local. I’m pretty picky with hair, even with my baby boy! So, I went to check that place out in Apple Valley. I had same person that cut my hair few times, I decided to try someone else- I wasn’t always 100% happy with my haircut, and I tried someone else last fall. She did okay job- not as wonderful. So, I didn’t remember her name.

Tonight, Joe let me off hook, and let me go by myself to get haircut (THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH my LOVE!!!!)- and walked in, and asked if they had anyone that could do haircut, like now. 🙂 They had a person available right away, she was more expensive than the next person that was available in one hour. I really did not wait, and I figured, if she was more expensive, then she must have had more experience and I wanted someone good to do my hair anyways. I’m really glad I went with my gut instinct. Sue, she just celebrated her 21st year there, did a FABLOUS job with my hair. I ended up keeping my bangs (YES, if I had cut it, I would have beat myself up for that as I’ve been trying to grow it out).

I have a long layered hair, with long bangs. It just felt not balanced, and yes, I did not like the way my hair looked. I explained to her that I wanted couple of inches trimmed throughout, including my bangs, thin out my hair as I have thick hair (and the longer the hair is, the more heavy it is, causes stress on my neck and I get headaches from that). She asked if I wanted to trim the sideways, to get my bangs length to flow with rest of the hair… GREAT IDEA! Thank you! BEAUTIFULLY done. I’m in love with my hair! It actually feels balanced, and my bangs feels like it’s growing along with my long hair. 🙂 She charged $40 for my haircut, and I paid $10 tip. She deserved every penny of it. If you are happy with your services, please make sure you tip well!

TIP: People should always tip at least 15%. If poor services, then can tip lower– 12%, however, just think, if you still gave 15%, you probably gave more than others, and that makes the person happy- domino effect, encourages the person to give others better services because of the positive attitude you had just influenced. For GREAT services, you can tip up to 18%. Tonight, I decided to tip her 25% because she was FANTASTIC- not only with haircut, as well as her positive attitude, she was very friendly, communicated with me very well, and worked with me. I felt not only that she just did her services, she also cared, and treated me just like I was another customer.

Enough about haircut. 🙂

Mason and I talked last night, and he agreed that he would be responsible for our family game nights. YES! 🙂 He choose Thursdays as our Family Game night! 🙂 Although tonight, and last night, Mason and Joe played poker and Uno. You can guess who’s the reigning Uno King…. It’s Joe! 🙂 He always beats all of us! Up north, was a different story though! 🙂 I won many times, and so did Mason. 😀 Looking forward to our Thursdays Game nights! 🙂

Last night, we watched a movie– “Sitter.” Erg. Stay away from the movie if you can. Terrible movie. We lost two hours of our life watching this movie, and we do not want you to lose any of your precious time! 🙂 The day before, we also rented a movie- The Girl with Dragon Tattoo, is a GREAT movie! Amazing. It kept me drawn to it the entire time. Highly recommend, although if you are not for nudity, then don’t watch it. We learned that they have I think 3 more parts of this movie. We can’t wait to watch next part of this movie series.

Blogging- it has been quiet the past weekend, we apologize for that. We decided that we would blog Monday through Friday, however occasionally, we might surprise you with a blog over the weekend from time to time.

Good night, -M