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Bad Daddy Moment: Part 2.


We all have those phrases we say out of frustration 8 years ago mine was “son of a bitch” everything and anything that didn’t go the way I planned was quickly followed by “SOB”! This particular day Mason (then 4) and I were home hanging out. I was painting in the living room and he was helping. He decided he was done painting and time to go to the playroom in the basement and off he went. A little while later I began to hear him talking but knowing he was alone down stairs? A bit later I hear him again. I decide to sneak down stairs and maybe catch a moment in time… and I did! As I get to the bottom of the steps and turn the corner Mason is in the corner with his back to me and he is playing on his tool bench. “Son of a bitch”  He says… I’m thinking “Nope, he didn’t say that… again he says it! Confused, I step towards him and he hears me. He looks over his right shoulder and without missing a beat he looks at me and says “You going to help me or what”? I felt at this point that I just got my ass kicked by a 4 year old and yes I got down and helped him remove the round peg from the square hole. 🙂 -J