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Life Lesson: Honesty.


Last Saturday, Jaiden and I went to Minnesota Zoo with our dear friends Melissa & Miss Abby. It was a fun day!

Jaiden’s favorite thing since seeing Dolphin Tale movie, is going to see the dolphins and watch the show! 🙂 Newest fasscination is the OTTER, watching them play in the water, and going swimming, and spinning! 🙂 So much like his personality, and it matches who he is! 🙂 He LOVES the water, he enjoys swimming and he loves to spin all the time! 🙂


That day was a valuable lesson for both of us, as a parent and as a child, in our own perspectives. We saw the bears walking around, and one sneaked away– we walked around and found the bear eating fish. Jaiden was a bit baffled, and was watching the bear eating the fish. He looked back to me, like what’s going on? What is the bear eating? Remember, we had just bury our Fish Blue couple days before, so he knows and understands somewhat that our fish died. I explained to him that the bear is hungry, and is eating the fish. He just stood there, and watched the entire time, leaving the little of the fish part and walked away.

Jaiden recently had his 3 year old check up, and I explained to his doctor about how I explained to Jaiden that Fish Blue died, instead of covering up by saying “sleeping,” she said that it is good thing! Many people try to cover up and not being honest, the child senses that, and the child can lose trust in you instantly. Last thing we want in our child(ren) is to not trust their own parents! If people use that as a cover up, saying the person/animal is “sleeping” when they are actually dead, is not good because it may create fear of sleeping in the child. Always be honest whenever possible, and explain clearly so the child understands. Be honest to your child, always. -M Image


Bad Daddy Moment: Part 2.


We all have those phrases we say out of frustration 8 years ago mine was “son of a bitch” everything and anything that didn’t go the way I planned was quickly followed by “SOB”! This particular day Mason (then 4) and I were home hanging out. I was painting in the living room and he was helping. He decided he was done painting and time to go to the playroom in the basement and off he went. A little while later I began to hear him talking but knowing he was alone down stairs? A bit later I hear him again. I decide to sneak down stairs and maybe catch a moment in time… and I did! As I get to the bottom of the steps and turn the corner Mason is in the corner with his back to me and he is playing on his tool bench. “Son of a bitch”  He says… I’m thinking “Nope, he didn’t say that… again he says it! Confused, I step towards him and he hears me. He looks over his right shoulder and without missing a beat he looks at me and says “You going to help me or what”? I felt at this point that I just got my ass kicked by a 4 year old and yes I got down and helped him remove the round peg from the square hole. 🙂 -J

JJ found the laundry chute!


Soooooooo JJ has this thing where he knows his Mother is Deaf and takes advantage of the situation. Today he told Mommy he needed to go potty so as a big boy he goes up to the upper level bathroom and does his thing. I received the picture below today from Misty to see just what his thing was. The subject said “Oh he is in time out”! I laughed for about 20 min straight (that is how long it took me to drive home to ensure the safety of all) Image

Misty was (to say the least) Pissed!!! I am sorry but this was just funny!!! I can see him in my minds eye finding different items to throw down the chute. I was not kidding when I said “this is my life” I see myself kinda like a planet. Yep, I have a gravitational pull and if you sling shit in my vicinity eventually it will slam into me. 🙂 The good thing is my laundry room is now minty fresh!!!! -J