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Life Lesson: Honesty.


Last Saturday, Jaiden and I went to Minnesota Zoo with our dear friends Melissa & Miss Abby. It was a fun day!

Jaiden’s favorite thing since seeing Dolphin Tale movie, is going to see the dolphins and watch the show! 🙂 Newest fasscination is the OTTER, watching them play in the water, and going swimming, and spinning! 🙂 So much like his personality, and it matches who he is! 🙂 He LOVES the water, he enjoys swimming and he loves to spin all the time! 🙂


That day was a valuable lesson for both of us, as a parent and as a child, in our own perspectives. We saw the bears walking around, and one sneaked away– we walked around and found the bear eating fish. Jaiden was a bit baffled, and was watching the bear eating the fish. He looked back to me, like what’s going on? What is the bear eating? Remember, we had just bury our Fish Blue couple days before, so he knows and understands somewhat that our fish died. I explained to him that the bear is hungry, and is eating the fish. He just stood there, and watched the entire time, leaving the little of the fish part and walked away.

Jaiden recently had his 3 year old check up, and I explained to his doctor about how I explained to Jaiden that Fish Blue died, instead of covering up by saying “sleeping,” she said that it is good thing! Many people try to cover up and not being honest, the child senses that, and the child can lose trust in you instantly. Last thing we want in our child(ren) is to not trust their own parents! If people use that as a cover up, saying the person/animal is “sleeping” when they are actually dead, is not good because it may create fear of sleeping in the child. Always be honest whenever possible, and explain clearly so the child understands. Be honest to your child, always. -M Image


Uncle Update & Donate.


This past weekend, when we saw Uncle Robert, he was still responsive. He even sat up on his bed, and walked to the bathroom all by himself like a trooper that he has always been! I did find it very hard seeing him the way he was, and couldn’t help thinking, really– it took them this long to find out that he has cancer in his blood. Makes me upset, and it makes our family upset too.The simple fact that my Uncle went to hospital on weekly basis to get rid of fluids his body accumulated due to his kidney issue he was having. He was on waiting list for years, I mean, YEARS- over 5 years, for a new kidney. Still, I cannot help wondering, why did it take them so long to find out that he has cancer in his blood?  When they found out he had that, my Uncle was given two weeks to live. You can image the utter shock when my family found this out. He was given hope years ago, he was hanging onto it that he would eventually get a new kidney. No luck, as soon they found out he had cancer, he was taken off the list immediately. I cannot help but feel that Missouri does not have a good health care. Yes I’m upset. We are fortunate to live in Minnesota, we have excellent medical teams throughout the State, and have wonderful health care.

Monday night, my Uncle Robert was in so much pain. He couldn’t keep down any fluids & food, he was feeling starved. He was unable to get rid of his waste. That makes me wonder if anyone from the Nurse/Hospital encouraged him to drink prune juice? I remember when my Grandpa Eugene was dying, I remember that he drank prune juice. It really helps. Heck, I have even used it with Jaiden when he was struggling at one time.

Tuesday morning, he became unresponsive. 😦 On Tuesday evening, April 17th, he passed away. My cousin Whitney sent me a text to say “He’s gone” 😦 The world stood still, it literally frozen, my heartbeat skipped a beat- I started sobbing. I’m upset. I’m very sad. I’m also happy that he’s not suffering anymore, and not in pain, yet, this is a man we all loved very much and I miss him so much!


This is a good time to ask all of you to consider adding “D” to your Driver License (or Identification Card)– to donate your body parts when you pass away. The day I passed my driving test, and went into DMV to fill out paperwork for my driver license, I added “D” to donate. I am happy to know that when I pass away, I’ve given others a chance to live their life with any body parts. Lets join, add D to your DL/ID, and give life! 
Thank you all for the love, thoughts and prayers. Hugs. -M

Life Comes in Full Circle.


I woke up this morning at 5:30am to receive a text from Guy, my mom’s husband, saying that there was no other way to share the bad news. My dear Uncle Robert (my mom’s brother) was given 2 weeks or so to live.

My first thought… Why him? I’m reminded that God works in mystery ways. I pray that God takes away his pain and suffering. I know in my heart that my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Kenneth (&&  his sister, Mary, whom I never met) are on his bedside as Angels, & preparing for his arrival in Heaven. This image, makes me smile, and know that Uncle Robert is in good hands.

Not long ago, I read an article about dying people’s regrets. Here’s the article, it’s a quick & good reading: http://www.inspirationandchai.com/Regrets-of-the-Dying.html

Life’s a journey, Carpe Diem (Seize the Moment)!

Do you have life’s bucket list? Things you want to do, and see before you die? It’s never too late. I need to create one for myself. Another project to tackle this week, perhaps?